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Nikesh Mehta - ImageI’m Nikesh Mehta owner of EveryDayCares.com. This site provides tips on how to care for health, day to day stuffs, natural remedies, food recipes, and others for individuals looking to live a healthier life.

EverydayCares.com is an online healthcare resource with a simple mission to encourage, educate, and inspire individuals who desire to live a healthier lifestyle.

Nilam Mehta - AuthorNilam Mehta is one of the writer of this site. Although she’s not a medical professional but has worked in Pharmaceutical industry and have studied – Lifestyle Medicine from Doane University; Science of Exercise from University of Colorado Boulder; The Science of Parenting from The University of California, San Diego through online. She enjoys reading scholarly medical journals and gets inspiration to write up-to-date practical information and resources and makes sure all of the articles are of the highest quality, referenced and fact-checked.

And lastly, she’s a fitness freak and believe that many of the health problems can be cured naturally without needing to spend hard earned money on expensive medicines and medical treatments/procedures.

On the site, you will find information on basic health problems/conditions and treating them with natural products or ingredients such as uses of aloe vera for health, natural remedies for dark circle, and the list keeps on growing. This site also offers tips on leading a positive life, fitness, relationships, health hacks for beauty and many more.


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