Solutions to Hide Dark Circle, Swollen Eyelid, Dull & Dehydrated Skin

Put these tips into practice to make it look like you’ve slept (at least) eight hours and don’t have to suffer from dark circles, bags or the pallor that comes with a bad night’s sleep.

Dark circles under the eyes, puffy eyelids, and dull skin – lack of sleep is unforgiving and where else is evident is on your face. That’s why it’s crucial to know the best tips to hide the fact that you’ve slept little to nothing.

Get rid of the effects of fatigue on your eyes and skin in record time with the tricks below:

1. Swollen eyelids

Nothing betrays a sleepless night more than swollen eyes and bags under the eyes. Fortunately, it has a solution!

Solution: The trick is to remove the accumulated fluid in this area with gentle fingertip massages and delicate tapping from the tear duct to the cheekbone. Accompany the massage with an eye contour or serum containing botanical or draining active ingredients so that your fingers glide over your skin.

You can also bet on the effects of localized cold to decongest. Keep caffeine-rich green tea cubes in freezer so you’re ready when the time comes. And watch out! Do not put it directly on the skin – roll it in a gauze or towel to avoid burning your skin.

2. Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the lower eyelid, are produced by the slow drainage of the same fluid accumulated under the eyes – in other words, our worst nightmare.

Solution: To mitigate and attenuate them you should get a good treatment for your eye contour, hopefully with retinoic acid to thicken the skin and conceal its dark color; caffeine to increase circulation in the area; and arnica to reduce swelling and bruising.

The eye contour patches also work very well and will help improve the texture of the area. In addition, due to their high concentration of active ingredients, they achieve much faster and longer-lasting results. The ideal thing to do is to combine masks and patches with your usual cosmetics.

But watch out! Dark circles do not always appear due to lack of sleep, you may be contributing to their appearance without knowing it.

3. Expression Lines

You may have noticed that when you sleep poorly, wrinkles, and eyelid creases, become marked. As your body did not had the opportunity to properly replenish its collagen stores at night, wrinkles become more prominent and the effects are not reversible (when a wrinkle appears there is no magic wand to remove it).

Solution: You can gradually fill it with a moisturizing and nourishing product for your skin. The key is consistency. Also make sure that the creams and serums you use contain hyaluronic acid and facial oils rich in vitamins A, C and E.

4. Dull Skin

Although we tend to concentrate on the eye contour, the fact is that pale appearance is also a sign of fatigue. Lack of sleep causes a drop in melanin production depriving your face of its natural radiance.

Solution: The key is to use lightening creams that bring light back to your skin. Combine it with your make-up base to guarantee better coverage and enhance its effect. And opt for natural makeup! Start with a fluid and natural base, add a little blush to bring your face to life, then apply an illuminator to your cheeks and you’ll get a juicier face. It ends with a little eyelash to open your eyes. And finally, don’t forget to use color correctors to conceal these and other imperfections.

5. Dehydration

When choosing a drink to moisturize (and boost your energy), choose herbal teas over classic ones. Although it may seem impossible to believe, these infusions have more caffeine than even the coffee itself, which, by the way, adds zero to your hydration. That’s why, in addition to energizing herbal infusions that activate circulation such as mint, ginseng, and licorice; drink plenty of water to keep your skin smooth and clean.

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