Dental Anti-Aging: Best Treatments to Shine Your Teeth

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Have you ever heard of dental anti-aging?

The loss of brightness and whiteness of the teeth over time makes smile look uglier. Would you like to rejuvenate your teeth and make them look as sparkling as before?

So let’s get into the details of dental anti-aging:

Despite the recommendations of our dentists to visit them at least twice a year or to strengthen the protection of your teeth and determine which ones should be removed, the fact is that the lack of care of our teeth over the years end up taking its toll on you.

How to rejuvenate your smile?

The mere fact of rejuvenating the teeth, achieving a healthy mouth and a smile that shows the desired brightness and placement is the result of a good diagnosis and correct treatment.

Dental Anti-Aging

For a proper dental anti-aging, it is advisable to check which pieces can be recovered or which have to be extracted depending on the malformation of the teeth themselves. It is also advisable to determine that the gums are healthy and that they have not been damaged or suffer from any type of disease.

Here are the innovative treatments that will help you achieve the perfect dental anti-aging.

Dental Peeling

Is a highly demanded technique that will begin with a preliminary cleaning, after which the root of the tooth will be polished with an extra fine grain diamond cutter without the need for anaesthesia.

Next, a mixture of water and air with bicarbonate powder will be sprayed on the teeth, which will help fight the presence of stains and other bacteria.

In addition to helping in combating the presence of stains deposited on the enamel by consuming coffee or tobacco, it will also prevent the formation of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is another dental anti-aging technique, which can be carried out by means of an apparatus that emits these waves and water under pressure to combat the presence of tartar on the surface of the teeth. Later, to improve the results, special pastes are used which are applied with a rotating brush or an airbrush, which pulverizes all the cleaning powder. Finally, the teeth will be polished with a fluoride paste that will delay tartar build-up and staining.

It also prevents gum inflammation and will ultimately improve the appearance of our smile.

It is also possible to combine teeth whitening with an aesthetic contouring of the upper teeth. For the bleaching effect, hydrogen peroxide is used at different concentrations. This will remove the yellow color of the teeth themselves and modify the protruding teeth.

Composite or porcelain veneers will help to restore fractured, worn and darkened teeth, close gaps, enlarge smaller teeth and ultimately remodel the smile. For this purpose, layers of resin or porcelain sheets are placed, which are highly modelling materials.


Botox is another option that helps in treating the aging teeth. Habits such as chewing gum very often, overstretching the jaw or clenching the teeth while we sleep can lead to massive development of the masseter muscles and widening of the chin area and even tooth breakage.

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