Ecological Body Oils: Health Benefits for Skin, Joints

Body Oil

Ecological body oils are a healthy alternative to moisturize and care for the skin without any damage.

Here are some of tips to make your skin look radiant.

Ecological body oils for your well-being

Body oils are obtained from seeds, herbs and plants with qualities and benefits of the most interesting in our skin care. Although they can be used at any time of the day, it is ideal to use them after showering, applying light massages and finally removing them with lukewarm water.

In addition to smoothing our skin, ecological body oils provide intense hydration, thanks to their oily consistency and concentration of natural ingredients. Its use is especially intended for sensitive, dry, or very dry skin. Thanks to the hydration they provide, these oils are great ally to prevent premature aging of the skin and protection against external agents such as pollution or the climate itself.

Another great benefits of ecological body oil is related to its regenerating effect to treat skin irritations such as sunburn, for example. Depending on the ingredients with which they are made, they have properties to combat stretch marks, cellulite or even their antioxidant effects.

As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to apply the oils when our skin is still wet because, this helps in facilitating its absorption and prolonging its moisturizing action.

Precisely, thanks to its fluid texture, the oil slides easily on the skin, providing a soft touch and a brightness of the most natural and attractive. Not to mention that in summer, after sun exposure, the oil highlights the tanned skin, leaving a satin brown that is really impressive.

You can find a wide variety of body oils in medical stores, as well as many other ecological cosmetic products to care for your skin health.

Since it is a natural analgesic it has property of relieving muscular pains and joints. It is perfect for stimulating circulation and helps reduce swelling from blows and contusions.

Lavender and rose oil, are especially made for massaging, stress, muscle tension, and stretch marks during pregnancy. These oils are perfect for restoring the mood.

On the other hand, body oil like the rose hip, which together with the damascus rose can help regenerate and correct skin problems. All this not to mention that it will be useful to eliminate acne, smallpox or chickenpox spots.

Regenerating oil is suitable for weak and dull skin. This oil drains the lymphatic system, removing all accumulated fat and firming all tissues. The presence of ginkgo, which has antioxidant properties helps to revitalize sensitive and dull skin.

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