How to Eat & Drink Healthy All Day: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Whether you want to lose some weight or simply seek to improve your health, adopting a healthy lifestyle can be the change you need to see (and feel) good results. Replacing processed foods with other natural and unrefined foods may seem like a difficult challenge, at first, but when implemented honestly, the rewards would be absolutely bigger.

If you want to know what it’s all about, or if you’re ready to eat healthy for a whole day, here’s what you should do:

In the morning

Start the morning by drinking smartly: After a sip of water, shoot your healthy plan with a green juice or hot water with lemon before breakfast. As you hydrate with water, lemon works to balance the pH of your body and aids in proper digestion.

Avoid sugar in your coffee: Sadly, your latte or cut coffee filled with sugar is not a healthy choice. It suppresses the sweetness and along with it the calories too, swelling and the fall that can carry with it. So instead opt for a strong, intense, sugar-free, caffeinated beverage.

Eliminates refined carbohydrates: No croissants in the cafeteria, OK! If you want to start the day with carbohydrates, make sure they are complex (such as quinoa, oatmeal or sweet potatoes) and full of fibres. This will help benefit your body in digestion and increase your energy levels.

In the afternoon

Choose green tea: Over-stimulating yourself with lots of coffee can make you feel anxious and deconcentrate, so you second cup should be antioxidant-filled green tea. It also contains catechin (a natural antioxidant), which facilitates liver activity and increases the production of detoxifying enzymes.

Stay away from condiments: Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard… whatever your favorite sauce is, stay away from these. Instead focus on the fresh, natural flavor of aromatic herbs or citrus fruits to add extra flavors and nutrition to your dish. If you want something creamy for your sandwich or salad, spread an avocado on the bread to benefit from its omega-3 acid and fiber.

When it’s time for lunch and dinner, more greener the plate, greater would be the health benefits. Serve spinach with yesterday’s leftovers or order/prepare a blunt salad from your favorite restaurant. This way, you will increase the healthy content in all your meals.

In the evening

Avoid alcohol: Apart from the sugar and unnecessary calories present in all cocktails, alcohol can keep you awake and make it difficult to rest. Choose a natural, alcohol-free cocktail instead and enjoy with your friends – no worries!

Keep the dessert natural: You don’t have to say goodbye to all the sweets at the end of your meals; but you can choose a healthy, natural dessert instead of one full of sugar and additives. Choose a piece of fresh fruit with a little bit of dark chocolate in place.

Always have water on your bedside table: Hydration is the key for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and drinking water at night helps keep you full of energy and clear-headed the next day. In addition, to ensure a good day, the best thing is to have sufficient rest and have water ready to start the day with good foot.

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