8 Apps to Improve Body Posture and Keep Spine in Good Shape

There are currently a variety of mobile applications (available on both Android and iOS) that aims to help us with improving health and daily habits. You might have heard or must be using various apps to monitor pulse rate, count calorie intake, fitness videos, yoga, and so on.

But there are applications developed specifically to improve body posture. And here’s the list of the best apps:

Posture Trainer

For mobile addicts, this app is worth recommended. It’s quite common to see mobile users keeping neck downward for watching videos, reading content, playing games and so on. And that’s what this app detects and then prevents its users from keeping neck in a downward position.

It works this way – if mobile phone user keeps neck in a downward position then the app dims the screen light making the content difficult to read, although it doesn’t completely block the viewability. And dimming will continue until user keeps the phone in a vertical position and at an eye level. Post this, the normal brightness level of the phone will be restored. Although this would be very irritating for many but keeping neck in a downward position for a prolonged time is an invitation to spine related disorders.


In Japanese, Nekoze is name given to an individual with round back like that of a frightened cat. When a user leans back on chair or slouches or don’t move the body for sometime, a cat will appear on the screen and mew. To avoid the mewing sound, user can also minimize or completely disable the sound. The app also offers videos on good stretching practices and postures/stretches.

Posture Reminder

A simple application that reminds us to adopt a good posture by means of alerts. This free app available for Android mobile phones reminds users to straighten the spine and pay attention to the body. In addition, user receives smart alerts when the phone’s accelerometer detects that user has eyes down and cervicals tilted to the mobile phone. Remember a bad posture is an invitation to various muscular and spine related problems and can lead to dangerous consequences in the future.

Good Posture

Another free mobile application for Android mobile phones that also offers videos demonstrations on keeping a good posture and exercises to strengthen postural muscles and send reminders to perform them. It also offers a paid version with extra features which helps in keeping a better body posture.

Posture Zone

Available for mobile phones with iOS operating system for free, this application analyses side or front photos of its users, showing them how the posture is and what we need to do to correct it and achieve a balance in the spine as well as its proper alignment.

Conscious Posture

This app offers multiple benefits from correcting the posture by analyzing the posture by means of a photo of the mobile phone and correct it by providing examples of correct and incorrect positions and exercises. It also sends reminders that it is time to stand up straight and correct the posture. It is available for mobile phones with iOS for free.

Posture Corrector

A free application for mobile phones with Android and iOS that helps users to correct the posture by sending alerts that it is time to put into practice the proper position that our physiotherapist or doctor has indicated. It also provides some tips that help to adopt a good body position and user can select by part of the body we want to correct.

PostureScreen Mobile

This mobile application is developed specifically for physical therapists and fitness professionals. Amongst many functionalities offered by this app, the important one is analyzing the body posture of the patients and generating initial posture assessment reports within minutes.

Everyone love their mobile phone and want to get more and more out of it. But these applications to improve your posture with their help are worth addition to your gadget.

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