14 Most Easy Tips to Speedup Weight Loss Without Much Sacrifices

Shredding extra weight requires lot of sacrifices and patience too after all the habits that contributed to increase in weight has to be sacrificed.

However there are many easy ways which can make the process of losing weight faster and without much sacrifices.

And here are the 14 tips to speedup weight loss requiring very minimal sacrifices.

1. Love that weighing scale

Everyone hates weighing scale. And especially when you are overweight, the scale is your biggest enemy. But if you want to lose weight, get befriended with the weighing scale and not consider it as an enemy. Weigh yourself when you wake up, after going to the bathroom and taking off your clothes (the weight of water and clothes can raise your weight). Follow your results and stay motivated by following the positive changes in your weight charts, but don’t get obsessed.

2. Write your goal

Keep your goals in mind by writing and pasting them into strategic locations. For e.g. on your computer monitor, on the refrigerator, in your wallet. Then tell someone about it. Some studies show that people who wrote their goals and shared them with a friend were 33% more successful than those who did not.

3. Jot down and record every food you eat

According to recent research, participants who have a notebook in which they write down everything they eat, lose twice as much weight as those who don’t write it down.

4. Never miss a breakfast

If you want your metabolism to return faster and burn more calories, don’t skip the first meal of the day. This will also help you maintain your target weight. Nutritionists suggest choosing foods with a low glycemic index to keep your blood sugar levels stable and your energy high. Some good choices are barley, which is high in fiber and has a rich flavor, or dishes with oatmeal or flaxseed.

5. Try alternatives to apple

Change the typical “diet” fruits and vegetables and freshen up your daily menu. You can try figs, guavas or red pears. After all, eating apples becomes boring after certain point of time.

6. Eat healthy snacks like you do with meals

We always want meals to be healthy and tasty but forget to keep the snacks healthy too. So prepare your mid-afternoon cravings with nutritious snacks from home. Writing and planning your snacks and the time at which you will eat them will keep you away from junk food and avoid overeating.

7. Make water your best friend and increase it’s intake

People who drink about 7 glasses of water every day eat about 200 fewer calories than people who drink fewer glasses of water. Hunger and thirst are hard to distinguish. To achieve the goal of 7 glasses a day, drink one with each meal and snack, a glass before exercise and another when you’re done and make room for a mid-afternoon tea or coffee.

8. Chew more and eat slowly

Eat slowly. This way you will feel full faster and the more you chew, the more nutrients your body will assimilate. Give small sips of your water and lower your cutlery between snacks, chew more times than you normally do, so you eat less.

9. Avoid distractions while eating

We always avoid distractions while studying or doing important work. Same applies to eating as well. Don’t eat in front of the TV, when you’re on the computer or while reading. All these things encourage poor nutrition. Instead, sit at the table. If you really want to eat your lunch on your desk, turn off or suspend the computer and take a few minutes to enjoy your meal, without any work distractions.

10. Choose a light dessert

If you know you’ll want to eat something sweet later after the meal, go for a healthier version. Save dark chocolate in individual bags for a quick and practical option that you can take to work or college and keep all those sweets in places where you find them most difficult to find.

11. Get minimum eight hours sleep everyday

Fatigue may be the reason your cravings get out of control. Some studies show that lack of sleep raises levels of ghrelin, a hormone that triggers appetite levels. Ghrelin is also called as hunger hormone.

12. Get your clothes out of your closet from when you had a few extra pounds

Are you saving your old clothes in case you regain weight? Don’t do that. Get rid of all those clothes, donate them or try to sell them on the Internet.

13. Change your drink

The next time you go out with your friends, choose a different type of wine or beer than you always choose. Take your time to discover the flavors. You’ll make your drink last longer and end up drinking less. If you love cocktails, try one that has mineral water or a little juice, these options have about 150 calories.

14. Wear tight clothes on Friday

Friday is the day when most people forget their diet. If you use something that sticks to your body then you’re more likely to take care of what you eat to keep your stomach flat, instead of using something loose and eating anything without it being noticed. You’ll look great too, which will motivate you to keep losing weight.

So say goodbye forever to those annoying miles and get ready to enjoy yourself.

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