5 Weight Loss MYTHS You Should Stop Believing NOW!

Everyone hates overweight body and in order to shred those extra pounds, individuals start eating or exercise as per the instructions of health professional or knowledge gained through family or friends.

However the science behind shredding weight is tricky and not everything you heard or see will work for you always.¬†However, that doesn’t mean you should believe everything your health consultant and your friends tell you.

If you walk like everyone else in the wave of losing weight and regaining your figure, chances are you already have a defined diet and exercise routine. What better time to change these unhealthy habits and start a healthy life?

These 5 most common myths we all believe when we are in that process of weight loss that you must stop believing to achieve it.

Pay attention!

1. Metabolism rate of overweight people is slow

Studies comparing the resting energy expenditure of overweight and thin people show little difference in basal metabolic rates. Those who show a difference show that overweight people actually have higher metabolic rates. So, basically, it’s time to let go of the idea that you just have a slow metabolism.”

2. You must have an obesity gene if you have trouble losing weight

“Our genetics doesn’t determine us. Half of the population has a version of FTO (the obesity gene) that contains a small change. These people are on average 3.3 pounds heavier and 25% more likely to be obese.

About one in six of us is unlucky enough to have two small changes or a double jeopardy variant of FTO, and on average they weigh an extra 6.6 pounds and are 50% more likely to become obese.

While people with these changes are less likely to feel full as fast as those without the variants, that doesn’t mean they are predestined to be overweight. There are many people who have these variants that manage to maintain their desired weight and have learned to control their hunger in a healthy way.

3. To lose weight you must eat dietary foods and avoid carbohydrates, sugar and fat

“Our body is not designed to break down artificial flavors and sweeteners into so-called dietetic foods, so it’s actually much better for us to eat and drink the full versions of fat when it comes to real butter, milk and cheese.

We are totally fooled by the food companies and labelling requirements that make us think that a meal is healthy. If the label says “healthy choice,””low fat,” or “low sugar,”it should be good for you, right?

What you should ask yourself is: what are they replacing fat or sugar with? The answer is artificial chemicals and flavors that our body doesn’t know how to metabolize and that ultimately make us sick and overweight.”

4. Counting calories is the only way to lose weight

“Yes, counting calories and limiting your daily calorie intake will result in weight loss. But are you ready to count calories and control what you eat forever?

Honestly, how long can you stick to a strict regime? Weighing your food, avoiding eating outdoors or at your friends’ house because you’re trying to keep that regimen strict. As soon as you stop counting calories, the weight will build up again.

Also, not all calories are the same. You can drink diet soda drinks all day because they contain too few calories, but they wreak havoc on your body, your metabolism and your intestinal microbes.

Eating low-calorie foods developed artificially actually leads to weight gain, as they interfere with our body.

5. Losing weight means suppressing all the foods you love

“This is one of the main reasons why diets don’t work: they are unsustainable because we have to eliminate so many of the things we enjoy eating. It makes it difficult for us to eat outdoors, go to a party, drink alcohol and simply enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle. But the opposite is true.

When we eat flavorful foods that we enjoy, we absorb more nutrients from them. Our body responds by speeding up our metabolism and letting us know when we feel full, all this is triggered by the pleasure we feel when we eat something we enjoy. Therefore, we eat less while tasting and enjoying more.”

Stop believing these lies and you may begin to see healthy progress in a short time. Take a note!

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