6 Benefits of Sleeping on Left Side: Digestion, Heart Care, Back Pain & more

Sleeping on left side

Good amount of sleep is most important for maintaining good physical and mental health. Lack of sleep is an invitation to many health problems. Adding to this, improper sleeping posture can further give rise to range of health problems. So basically how long you sleep is equally important to the position you sleep.

This is the reason doctors recommend to maintain a proper sleep posture and that too on left side.

So let’s understand how sleeping on left side is good for the body:

Sleeping on Left & Digestion

Prevents digestion problems and smooth bowel movement: The left side of the body has stomach and pancreas. When you intake food and sleep on left side, the passage for food is easy to transfer food from small intestine to large intestine and then to the colon. Gravity holds the key here. When you sleep on the left, the muscular contraction of the stomach takes the food particles out in a very gradual and organic manner. It is from the colon when the excretion happens. So you are more likely to have a smooth bowel movement after waking up in the morning. Your body gets sufficient time to filter toxins. Opposite process happens when you sleep on the right side, the passage for food particle becomes hard.

Heart Health & Sleeping Position

Good Heart: Your heart needs constant supply of blood for proper functioning. Since heart is on the left side, blood flow is smooth towards it; when position of the sleep is on the left side. Especially pregnant women, should make a habit of sleeping on left in order to boost circulation to the heart.

Pregnancy and baby’s health: When pregnant mom sleeps on the left, blood circulation to the heart improves and weight on the back reduces. Prevents uterus from squeezing the liver and raise the blood flow to the uterus, kidney and foetus. This is the reason why doctors recommend pregnant women to sleep as much as possible on the left side. Another advantage is that baby’s health will be good as nutrients will flow smoothly to the placenta.

Heartburn: According the paper published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology sleeping on the left side of the body helps in reduction of signs of acid reflux. The reason is that our stomach is the left side.

Back Pain Relief & Left Side Sleeping

Back and neck pain: Individuals suffering from chronic backache problem will see a significant improvement after lying on the left side. This is because, weight on the spine reduces. In fact, improper sleeping posture results in chronic neck and back pain.

Powers the lymphatic system: Sleeping on right lowers the power of lymphatic system located above the heart. But when you sleep on left side, lymphatic system located on the left side gets sufficient time to filter out waste, lymph fluids, toxins through the thoracic duct and the lymph nodes.

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