Avocado Oil for Breast Growth: 2 Ways to Massage, Properties

Avocado Oil for Breast Augmentation

Many women are not happy with the size of their breasts because they think they are too small. The solution that first comes to mind is cosmetic surgery. But besides being a very expensive solution, it comes with complications and risks such as connective tissue diseases; reproductive problems or difficulties during breastfeeding.

Therefore the most popular natural methods to increase breast size, in terms of effectiveness, no side effects and comfort are the breast enhancement oils. There are many essential oils for breast augmentation and avocado oil is one such widely used oil.

Applying avocado oil on the area can increase breast size in a few months. It is not recommended to replace oils in the middle of a treatment or to stop using them after a few days, as you may not notice any changes by doing so.

Why Avocado Oil for Breast Augmentation?

Avocado oil also has innumerable benefits in the world of beauty and is very much appreciated for its benefits to skin and hair. It is perfect to protect, soften and regenerate your skin.

It is obtained from the fruit of the avocado and is rich in essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-9. It is mainly composed of: oleic acid, concentrated in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, E and several of the B group which support the enlargement of the breast tissue. It is an excellent antioxidant and helps neutralize the aging of skin cells and capillaries.

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Regular application of avocado oil for breast growth aids in collagen formation which helps in improving the breast elasticity giving them a slight lift.

Breast massage using avocado oil for augmentation is recommended because it helps cells and tissues release endocrine hormones that are responsible for their growth and it also helps increase blood circulation which generates prolactin, another component in breast development. As an added benefit, the oil improves the texture and tone of the muscles surrounding the area.

When to Apply?

It is recommended to apply avocado oil on breasts, twice a day for 5 minutes every day, preferably in the morning and before going to sleep.

How to Massage?

There are two ways you can apply avocado oil for breast augmentation.

Circular Massage: Massage with your fingers in a circular motion in a clockwise direction around your breasts and then repeat, but in the opposite direction.

Linear Massage: Massage from the base of your breast to the centre with your fingertips without touching the areola or the nipple. That is, as if you were going from your breast to the middle of the breast, as if you were drawing a cone on each breast.

Points to remember while massaging breast

Massage should give pleasant feeling: Do not apply too much pressure and do not squeeze strongly, that will not make any difference or improve the treatment, it will only make you feel pain without necessity.

Can be used for stretch marks or dry skin: One of the best reasons why it is recommended to use avocado oil to increase breast size, is that they have a number of vitamins such as vitamin E and collagen that are supremely beneficial to the skin, reducing blemishes and eliminating problems of dryness and elasticity.

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They are natural: Breast enhancement oils are all natural, they do not introduce new substances into the body and do not unbalance the hormone level. They are extracted from nature and what they do is help the breasts grow on their own.

It must be taken into account that breast size may vary depending on heredity, dietary habits or other factors. But you can always try to take a comprehensive plan for that purpose that includes proper nutrition, exercises, massages, teas, creams, masks, and if you want, yoga.

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