Sagging Breasts? 5 Habits that Accelerate Falling of Breasts

Falling of Breasts

The characteristics that define normal breasts vary according to beauty, culture and stereotypes of society. However, something we cannot avoid is the gravity and falling of breasts. Sooner or later it appears and changes its shape, size, position and symmetry. These changes can result from pregnancy, eating habits, weight loss or breastfeeding. Of course, we cannot compete with age, especially after 30.

Breast Ptosis

The fall of the breasts is a normal effect as women ages. Because the skin fibers deteriorate and no longer have the same elasticity. In other words, the aging starts to demonstrate its effects. In medical terms this situation is called breast ptosis.

But do not worry, because it is also possible to prevent falling of the breasts. If you apply the proper techniques and care to keep them young, the fall will be reduced by a large percentage.

Habits that accelerate the fall of the breasts

These are the habits that should be avoided:

(1) Poor Feeding

Diet based on saturated fats contribute to the fall of the breasts. If your diet is based on fat and you don’t do physical activity regularly, you will irretrievably end up accumulating a few kilos more.

When you are overweight, the elastic fibers break down and this prevents them from regenerating. The flaccid skin loses firmness because there is no regeneration of collagen.

Both the elasticity and the collagen are produced by the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are absorbed from the food.

It is important to include:

  • Birds
  • Seafood
  • Liver
  • Eggs
  • Oats
  • Leguminous plants
  • Vegetables

(2) Lack of Physical Activity

The breasts are composed of 90% fat. This means that if you maintain a sedentary life, the firmness disappears. The skin needs to exercise itself to maintain the muscle and prevent the fall.

It is important to do strength and stamina exercises to challenge the region and avoid having to resort to the surgeon. If you combine the exercises with cosmetic treatments to increase the elasticity and strength in the chest, the result will be even better.

Do not forget that the breasts are skin and it is essential to keep it hydrated to have a smooth and fresh texture.

(3) Not Protecting from Sun

Protecting the skin from the sun’s rays helps to prevent the breasts from falling off
The sun’s rays have no distinctions and attack all types of skin. When using neckline, one of the parts most affected by burns is undoubtedly the neck.

It is not something aesthetic: the sunscreen is a requirement to prevent aging, since exposing us to the sun causes wrinkles on the lap.

The ideal is:

  • Use sunscreen every day.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun for prolonged periods.
  • In front of any stain, consult a specialist and seek a treatment.
  • Moisturize with creams containing vitamins A and C.
  • Eat carrots, tomatoes and fruits in your diet.

(4) Taking Hot Baths

Cold water bath? Most people do this when the temperature is over 40 degrees otherwise they take hot water bath always. However, hot water is not good for your health especially skin. High temperatures make the dermis tissues flaccid and increase the possibility of early wrinkles.

(5) Menopause

One of the causes for menopause is the loss of estrogen. This generates physical and emotional changes, as this is a female hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle, cholesterol levels and sexual appetite. Besides all this, it also causes the appearance of spots and wrinkles. The lack of estrogen causes proteins to oxidize, that is, the elastic fibers and collagens lose firmness.


  • Consume vitamin C to increase elastin. You can find it in its natural form in tomatoes, citrus fruits and avocados.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, both outside and inside. Drink 2 liters of water per day and use moisturizing creams on the body.
  • Sleep well (at least 8 hours daily). Remember that insomnia is synonymous of premature aging.
  • Control stress. Being stressed causes the organism to release cortisol, which, in turn, increases the glucose in the blood and causes the precocious aging.

For your health and aesthetics, take good care of your breasts.

Author: Nilam

Nilam Author

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Nilam has worked in Pharmaceutical industry and have studied – Lifestyle Medicine from Doane University; Science of Exercise from University of Colorado Boulder. She believes that many of health problems can be cured naturally.

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