Olive Oil Massage for Breast Enlargement & Tightening of Sagging Breasts

Olive Oil for Breast

Breasts are an extremely important part of the women’s body and is important part of self esteem for many. When they are perfect in size, it is great for a woman and her confidence. But with age, the connective tissue gets weaker with age and the breasts sink a little.

However, if you are one of those women who complain about having small and sagging breasts and want to enlarge them. Then instead of surgery, you can use essential oils such as olive oil to increase breast size, provided you use them regularly and in a proper way.

Olive oil for breast enlargement is one such essential oil that works magically to increase the breast size. Remember that the skin of the sagging breasts requires very special care and natural olive oil is the best home remedy. Regular massage of the breasts promote blood circulation in the breast tissue and help the tissue to expand and become firmer and larger.

Olive Oil for Breast Enlargement

The healthiest ingredient in your kitchen can be good for your breasts. Apply a few drops of olive oil on your body like you apply on the salad. Massage this oil to increase your breasts and get soft skin. Olive oil has the power to stop breast cancer, as well. This is why it is worth trying.

How to Apply Olive Oil on Sagging Breasts?

Olive oil is also often used to enlarge breasts when applied correctly. Oil should be applied on the breast and then massaged with circular movements without putting much pressure, in a clockwise direction.

  1. Take some oil in the palms of your hands and massage this breast enlargement oil starting at the sternum, moving from the outside to the inside.
  2. Try it for at least 10 to 15 minutes and 4 times a week. It increases the blood flow to the breast and gradually increases its size and also helps in tightening.
  3. To stimulate the lymph nodes and thereby activate the lymph flow, cross your arms and massage the breast with circular movements

Firm the breasts during pregnancy

This method can be used during pregnancy as well. A breast massage can be done in the bathtub or under the shower. A regular breast massage with olive oil stimulates the blood supply to the connective tissue, tightens the skin and makes the breasts firm. Wrinkling of the skin is also slowed down and the sagging breasts tighten again.

Why Olive Oil?

Natural olive oils contain antioxidants and fatty acids that firm the breasts and cell renewal and adds to the elasticity.

When to use: You can apply olive oil on breast twice everyday in the morning and evening before going to bed. You will see visible difference in 3 months.

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Olive Oil + Oat Flakes

Oat flakes can also be mixed together with olive oil. The olive oil cares for the skin and the oat flakes gently exfoliate the breast skin. The mixture should be gently massaged in and rinsed off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes.

Massage your breast with ice

The cold helps to tone the skin and the breasts, so it is recommended that you massage with small ice cubes wrapped in a towel or cloth and go over the chest applying it with slow and circular movements. You should do this until the ice cubes melt. You will notice how your breasts become toned almost immediately.

Although sagging breasts are a natural process that increases over time because breasts lose their natural elasticity and flexibility, you can help with simple tips as mentioned above that will help you stop this situation. You may also use extra virgin olive oil for breast massage.

So if you think that your goal of getting bigger breasts is unrealistic, it is not!

Know your breasts

The breasts of a woman consists of glandular, fatty and connective tissues. During the menstrual cycle, puberty, pregnancy and menopause, breast tissue changes.

During puberty, the breasts react to the hormonal changes in the body and begin to develop. Estrogen and progesterone are two hormones that play an important role in the development of the breast. But genetics, nutrition and pregnancy also have a major influence on the size of the breast.

There are several ways to enlarge the breast naturally. In order to achieve visible results, the natural methods should be used over a longer period of time. The body needs time to stimulate hormone production and to allow the breast tissue to grow.

It is also important that you always check the size, curvature and shape of both breasts to determine which treatment is the most effective for you, to avoid spending on expensive treatments that will not help you with the result you expect.

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