Papaya for Breast Enlargement: Milk, Nuts, Corn, Wine & more

Papaya for Breast Growth

The female bust is mainly composed of 5 parts: 

  1. Skeleton
  2. Skin layer
  3. Muscle layer
  4. Fat layer
  5. Breast gland tissue

The first two parts usually don’t change. And the three parts that can change the thickness and affect the size of the breast are the remaining ones. Women looking for breast enlargement should focus on these three parts.

Muscle Layer

First, the muscle layer is variable. And the enlargement of breast muscle layer is possible through exercise (especially directed strength training). These exercises increases the total circumference of the breast. But in the absence of exercise, relying on diet will not increase muscle.

Fat Layer

The bust of an obese woman increases, but the cup size does not. When you lose weight or gain weight, the only change is the layer of fat under the breast.

Breast Glandular Tissue

Most importantly, the development of breast glandular tissue is determined by the female hormones in the body and can be affected by other factors. The growth of breast glandular tissue typically happens when female hormone levels change, such as during adolescence, pregnancy, and certain medications. Food and exercise can increase breast glandular tissue. Papaya has some properties, so it can increase breast glandular tissue.

Many women, for genetic reasons, have problems with their breast growth. In fact, breast size, in addition to genetics, also has a certain relationship with your diet. The best way to get healthy breast improvement is to have a healthy diet. You should know which foods are most effective for breast enhancement.

Papaya Smoothie Diet to Augment Breast Size

  • 4 ounces of fresh milk
  • 1 papaya without seeds
  • 1 ounce of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of cream powder
  • 1/3 tablespoon vanilla powder
  • 1 cup of ice cubes

How to Prepare:

Pour in fresh milk, add papaya, honey, cream powder, vanilla powder and ice cubes in the blender, beat until smooth, and pour into the juice cup.

Drinking this papaya shake for breast enlargement.

Other Foods to For Breast Growth

So what food can make your breasts bigger?

Nuts and pine nuts – These two foods are rich in vitamin E, zinc, and linolenic acid and good for breast enlargement.

Linolenic acid – Can not only help make your breasts bigger, but also help make them more beautiful. They help with the aging and beauty of women.

Corn is rich in vitamin E is also highly appreciated by breast diet experts.

Eat yam and chicken liver as it promotes the nutrition supply of the breast. But it can also increase your breast, improve the blood supply, skin tone and make your skin more beautiful.

Soy and black beans are rich in protein and lecithin, and are a good choice as foods for breast augmentation. If taken together with chicken wings that contain a lot of collagen, they not only have the effect of breast augmentation, but also have the effect of beauty.

Both peanuts and black sesame seeds contain a lot of vitamin E, which can promote the growth of the breast gland and allow the breast to develop again.

Wine – Many people do not know that wine is also a very good type of food for the breast, because the enzymes, active substances and B vitamins produced by wine have a promoting effect on the development of the breast gland.

Quail eggs are also one of the foods for the breast, which are rich in a variety of proteins, B vitamins, vitamins A and E, which is more conducive to breast development.

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