Soy Milk for Breast Growth: With Peanuts, Egg, Lamb Stew

Soy Milk for Breast Enhancement

Soy milk contains vitamin E and protein necessary for breast development, and the protein helps to improve the shape of the breast.

This is why it is recommended that women drink soymilk everyday, eat more foods that contain vitamin E ingredients.

Properties of Soy Milk

In addition to vitamin E, soy milk also contains soy isoflavones, a large amount of estrogen, which can help the secretion of female hormones and increase breast development.

Drink a cup of soy milk every morning and evening. And then with a breast massage, the effect of breast enhancement would be more visible.

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Breast enhancement with soy milk is not effective for everyone, the estrogen-like action of soy isoflavones is mainly effective for people with insufficient estrogen secretion after menopause.

How to Use Soy Milk for Breast Enhancement

(1) With Peanuts

Peanuts are rich in lecithin and protein, which promotes breast development again. Peanuts and beans rich in vitamin B are ground into soy milk, which can promote metabolism, manufacture synthetic hormones, and stimulate breast growth.

In addition, peanuts and soy have the effect of nourishing the blood and moistening the lungs.


100 g peanuts, 100 g red dates, 100 g soybeans.

How to do it:

Peanuts and soy should be dried and ground into powder, chopped red dates. Add water and mix well, and finally add water to boil. You can have this drink after breakfast every day.

(2) With Raw Egg

This method of breast augmentation is more suitable for women who are thinner and have less accumulation of fat reserves.

Raw eggs are rich in protein and, when mixed with soy milk, can increase the body’s calories and promote breast augmentation.


One egg and 40 g of yellow beans.

How to do it:

Soak the soy beans, add water to make soy milk and then put the soy milk in the pot to boil.

Bring the boiled soy milk in a cup or bowl and add an egg, stir well and drink. If you like sweetness, you can add a little sugar.

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(3) With Lamb Stew

Lamb is rich in protein, fat, phosphorus, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, lipid sterol and other ingredients. It becomes a soup with soy milk. It promotes the secretion of estrogens and helps in breasts growth.


Lamb (fat and thin) 500 g, soy milk 500 g, yam (dry) 15 g, sesame oil 10 g, salt 3 g and ginger 10 g.

How to make it:

Wash the lamb, cut it into pieces, add boiling water and remove. Wash the lamb and the yam in the pot, pour in the fresh soy milk and simmer for 2 hours at medium heat until the lamb is cooked. Then add sesame oil, salt and ginger to boil.

Soy milk and many foods have a breast enhancement effect and rich nutrition. However, it should be noted that improving breasts with food is not a one-time effect.

Don’t think you can have a breast enhancement effect after drinking for a day or two. You should choose the method that suits you best.

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