12 Tips Before & After Breast Implant Surgery

Breast Care Tips

Every woman dreams of a proportionate, firm, but above all aesthetic breasts. And to achieve this, women undergo surgical procedures such as breast implant, without thinking much about the physical and psychological risks.

Breast implant surgery is a surgical procedure aimed at increasing the size and improving the shape of the breasts.

Common Reasons Women Opt for Breast Implant

  • To correct a reduction or loss in breast volume after pregnancy.
  • Firm the sagging breast and increase its size.
  • Make the breast size symmetrical.
  • To correct a congenital deformity (tuberous breasts).

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Breast Care Tips – Before & After Implant

Here are the 12 before and after breast implant surgery for women.

These tips to a great extent will help them prevent from infections or other side effects.

  1. Surgery should be performed by a properly trained plastic surgery specialist
  2. Anesthesiologist or person who takes care of you in the surgery should be a trained and experienced person.
  3. Days before the surgery, wash your whole body with a germicidal soap, as these soaps reduces the chances of infection.
  4. Do not take any medication, without consulting your doctor, for two weeks.
  5. Remember not to drink any intoxicating beverages before surgery.
  6. Take as much post-operative care after the implant, as recommended by the doctor.
  7. After the breast implant operation, avoid carrying heavy things and making sudden movements.
  8. There are special bras that provide good support and firmness to the breast, which should be used day and night during the first three weeks after the operation.
  9. Try to sleep with your head slightly elevated, avoiding lateral positions.
  10. Avoid sunbathing and exposure to heat, this can damage the healing process.
  11. Try not to perform activities that involve the use of arms. And if the need arises, only very light activities should to be performed.
  12. Usually you have to avoid getting the bandage wet. But if the doctor authorizes you to take a bath, try to do so with warm water and recommended soap by your doctor.

In this type of surgery, such as breast implants, pain in the breasts, sternum, ribs and some temperature is normal. However, always try to ask your doctor. Do not keep any doubts with yourself as these may create complications especially after the breast implant.

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