Wheat Germ Oil for Breast Enlargement: How to Massage for Bigger Breasts

Wheat Germ Oil for Breast

Every women wants to have breasts size good enough to match their body structure. However not everyone is lucky to have it. And that’s why many women consider the option of having surgery to increase the breast size and thus have a more feminine and sensual figure.

However it is not necessary to resort to a surgical intervention to achieve this result because, there are natural ways to enlarge breasts size that stimulate the hormones helping them grow naturally. And one such natural method is wheat germ oil massage on breast.

Why Wheat Germ Oil for Breast Enlargement?

There are many properties of wheat germ oil which are beneficial for making the breast bigger as follows:

Improves Blood Circulation: The oil has properties that improve blood circulation i.e. it allows nutrients and oxygen transported by the cells to reach this area perfectly, helping them to develop and grow a little.

Rich in Vitamin E and is fat soluble: In addition, this oil is also rich in vitamin E, which manages to hydrate in depth and keep the breasts upright, without flaccidity, making it ideal for preventing sagging breasts. It also prevents premature aging because this vitamin fights free radicals, the main agents that promotes aging of skin.

Antioxidant Effect: Wheatgerm oil helps to significantly improve the appearance of the skin making it soft and supple. Simply apply little wheat germ oil directly onto damaged skin and massage gently. The antioxidant and regenerative properties will help in the reconstruction of the skin, besides preventing wrinkles and sagging. Wheatgerm oil is also very useful for dry and cracked skin. As it is a great moisturizer, it also serves to hydrate rough cuticles.

Rich in Omega 3-6-9: Omega-3 fatty acids, such as those normally found in fish oil, can suppress the growth and spread of breast cancer cells.

You may also use: Coconut oil for increasing the breast size.

How to Massage Breasts using Wheat Germ Oil?

Use a few drops of Wheat Germ Oil and do a circular massage on breast for 10 minutes and 2-3 times a day. When used as a massage, it helps to stimulate blood circulation and skin regeneration in the bust area, nourishing it deeply. It also promotes the circulation of oxygen in the blood to allow the breasts to increase in size.

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