Cool Drinks Do Not Make You Cool

Cool Drinks

As summer starts, the insatiable need to drink and eat cool items such as soft drinks, fruit juices, ice creams and others increases. Many people believe that cool drinks prevent lethargy, fatigue, dehydration and other common health issues. But it is not true.

It is actually a bad habit and can have negative effects on one’s health in the long run. And the act of doing this is against the nature.

But the question arises, do cool drinks cool your body temperature? The answer is NO. Let’s get to know why?

When you intake cold beverage in large quantity, body has to take extra effort to bring down the water temperature. And the transportation of heat that takes place inside the body slows down, resulting in the body temperature to increase. In comparison, intake of warm water

Although their taste attracts people but such drinks are very harmful to the health. In multiple scientific papers published it was proven that

In fact, drinking warm drinks actually lowers your body temperature compared to colder drinks. This is because, warm drinks increases overall sweat output resulting in higher heat loss and thereby reducing the heat stored in the body.

Why it is not recommended to drink iced cold water especially when the temperature is hot?

There are three main reasons:

  1. As the body gets dehydrated, the stomach gets empty and cannot handle iced water. This can result in vomiting.
  2. Due to the intake of cold water, body has to adjust the natural temperature and it does this by warming up the ingested water.
  3. Cold water has tendency to solidify the fats already present in the body and this makes process of digesting these hard fats difficult. Although every person has different metabolism rate but still digestion gets affected due to frequent intake results in constipation.

What are the most recommended healthy drinks that reduce body temperature i.e. cool you down?

  • Water – Most healthy, no side effects, and has a property of being a natural coolant.
  • Watermelon/sugarcane/carrot/lemonade/beetroot/AamPanna juice
  • Coconut water
  • Buttermilk
  • Lassi
  • Mango milkshake
  • Jaljeera
  • Surprisingly warm drinks makes you feel cool internally.

All the above listed fluids has property to refresh the body internally and helps to beat the heat.

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