Empty Stomach: Health Risks, Quick Foods to Eat & Drink

Empty Stomach

In a fast paced world, professionals often overlook their dietary habits which slowly affects their health internally. Moreover it’s after effects are not visible in the beginning and as time passes the signs appear.

One of the most neglected meal of the day is the breakfast. According to health experts, it is the most important meal. Rising up from the bed, rushing to office and skipping the breakfast and staying empty stomach till the lunch is a common routine amongst youngsters these days. Over a period of time, your body gets habitual to staying without food.

You might have observed stomach making noises. Such rumbling noises are often heard by people who are hungry and it actually becomes an embarrassment especially when you are sitting in a group/meeting. You have very limited options to hide such an embarrassing situation stomach sounding especially when it’s too noisy and attracts others attention giving them feeling of someone being flatulencing. Note that growling of stomach doesn’t always mean that stomach is empty and it’s time to take food. It can be a warning sign of Borborygmi.

So what are the health risks of staying empty stomach?

  • Brain activeness: Your brain is dependable on food you eat and it fuels the brain. And skipping food eventually affects neural functioning of the brain resulting in poor concentration and memory. In addition to this, you will get sleep disruption which in turn affects your daily routine work.
  • Lethargy: Loss of energy is another health problem when your body does not get enough nutrients.
  • Dehydration: After taking dinner, if you directly take your next meal at lunch time then chances of getting your body dehydrated increases. Dehydration imposes many health problems such as low blood pressure, lack of energy, dizziness and many others.
  • In addition to the above hazards, increased stress levels, acidity and headache is also common.

What to eat/drink when you have limited time and skipping breakfast is the only option left?

It’s understandable that one has limited time available to take care of the body (diet and exercising). And taking time out to prepare your own breakfast/lunch/dinner is cumbersome and at the same time very boring. So here are some time saving stuffs you can munch or drink:

  • Water: It is considered to be the most underrated nutrient. You won’t believe the numerous benefits of drinking water be it on an empty stomach or any time in a day. It is a master solution to prevent many health problems. And when taken on an empty stomach gives stomach fullness and keeps fatigue at bay. It has capacity of hydrating body organs and prevent them from harmful bacteria.
  • Fruits: Carry some fruits when you are travelling and eat it during your journey or at your desk. Fruits greatly detoxifies your body similar to water and is considered to be a great supplier of energy to the body. For a healthy life, make fruits as your best friend.
  • Legumes & pulses: Before going to bed, pack some cooked legumes and pulses in an air tight box. And before going to office, eat some and then during the travel.
  • Biscuits or Cookies: Most handy to carry and eat. Just unpack them in a box and carry along with you.
  • Meal replacement bar: People often have a habit of eating ready to eat foods such as burger, candies etc. when they are hungry. Instead opt for protein bars which are low in calorie and sugar as they provide balanced nutrition.

However do not make habit of staying without food and having above mentioned foods. Above food items are good to give stomach fullness. But at the same time, they do not provide essential nutrients to your body.

What not to eat on a empty stomach?

  • Coffee: It has always been a debatable health topic as coffee is considered to be the first food taken in the morning throughout the world. But when coffee is taken on an empty stomach, it leads to digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, anxiety etc. as it produces acid in the body.
  • Alcohol: Never ever drink alcohol when your stomach is empty. This is because for few minutes it might give you fullness but after some time it will push the person in an intoxicated mode as it is acidic.

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