Enlarged Breast using Creams, Hyaluronic Acid, Body Fat, Mammoplasty

Breast Enhancement Options

Estrogen creams, high fat foods, exercises, essential oil massage are various methods to increase the breast size and are alternative to mammoplasty.

Do home remedies work to increase breasts naturally?

Many women suffer from complexes due to the size and/or shape of their breasts. Breastfeeding after pregnancy, weight loss or poor development in the adolescent period can cause breast hypoplasia – breasts that are too small – or sagging breasts. Many others, simply as a matter of aesthetic taste, wish to achieve a larger breast size. This is why many women wonder if it is possible to enlarge breasts without surgery.


One of the widely used procedure to increase the breasts is the mammoplasty, a cosmetic surgery that manages to increase the size of the bust by means of silicone prostheses that are introduced, depending on the procedure used, in the sub-muscular or sub-glandular area of the breast.

This cosmetic surgery is the most demanded by women all over the world due to the sophisticated techniques. Nowadays, it is possible to perform the operation on an outpatient basis – and the results obtained, since with the advice of a good plastic and cosmetic surgeon it is possible to achieve a natural breast augmentation, which leaves no noticeable scars, and above all, which is permanent.

But, are there other ways to increase the breast?

Yes, there are other methods that do not involve surgery and that promise to increase breast size naturally through the use of breast enhancement creams and breast enhancement foods. In addition to these natural alternatives, other techniques such as breast augmentation with body fat and breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid are becoming popular lately.

But what are these breast enhancement methods and are they really effective?

Breast Enhancement Creams

There are many ‘miracle’ breast enhancement creams, based on natural ingredients, which promise to increase breast size by stimulating the growth of breast tissue, combined with massages to stimulate breast growth, and in just a few weeks! But the truth is that their effectiveness is not proven. Creams based on natural estrogens can increase breast size in appearance, but as with birth control pills, this result is not permanent. Cosmetics can help you to improve the appearance of your breasts and firm your breasts, but in no case can they increase the size of your breasts.

Foods to Increase Breasts Size

There are also diets that promise to stimulate breast growth. These diets based on cereals, different types of seeds and some vegetables, among other foods that increase breasts naturally, are designed to treat hormonal imbalance, such as high testosterone in women, and stimulate the production of estrogen.

Another type of breast enhancement diets are high fat diets. This is an effective diet but not recommended if you do not also want to get fat volume in other areas such as abdomen or hips.

Do not forget that in general, the breasts develop during adolescence, in five stages between 10 and 18 years, and although changes in the breasts can occur later due to processes such as pregnancy or the use of contraceptives, miracle diet cannot help increase the size for every women.

Breast Augmentation with Body Fat

Breast augmentation with own fat is another technique in boom for breast augmentation. Like liposculpture, it consists in the extraction of fat from other areas of the body, in order to inject it in the breasts. This technique has several limitations, among them, that you will only be able to increase one size and that not all the patients are apt for this intervention, since it is necessary a certain amount of excess fat in other parts of the body.

Breast Augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid

Breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid is a very limited technique because breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid is not permanent; as the body absorbs the hyaluronic acid, the results gradually disappear. Another important consideration is that this method of breast augmentation will only allow you to gain half a size. In addition, it is only indicated for small touch-ups, since the volume gained is localized to the specific areas where the hyaluronic acid is injected.

The techniques of breast augmentation with body fat and hyaluronic acid still have many limitations in terms of effectiveness and results compared to breast augmentation surgery, so they are not suitable for people who want to gain several sizes and change the appearance of your bust. On the other hand, diet, exercise and cosmetics can help your breasts look more toned and voluminous, but the only method of breast augmentation that will allow you to gain the desired sizes with immediate effect is breast augmentation mammoplasty.

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