PCOD: Most Common in Urban Women – Prevention Tips

PCOD in Women

PCOD i.e. polycystic ovary disease has become a common problem in women especially in women from metro cities. Hormonal changes are called PCOD when small cysts or lumps are formed in the ovary. These cysts can cause discomfort in both menstruation and pregnancy.

How to protect and treat it?

1 – Identify symptoms

It is important to recognize the symptoms before understanding the problem. If periods are irregular, there is a weight gain, hair on the face are growing, sexual desire is declining, consult the gynaecologist. These can be symptoms of PCOD.

2 – Understand the cause

Stress, non-attention to diet, obesity, early menstruation – all these reasons are responsible for PCOD. Few solutions that are easily manageable are intake of balanced food and control of weight and stress.

3- Get tested

Contact the doctor as soon as the symptoms come to the fore. Usually doctors call for pelvic ultrasound, but there are other ways as well to investigate. These can be recommended by doctors only.

4- Treatment

Many people are confused that there is no cure for PCOD or once the PCOD is detected, there will be irregularities and fertility throughout the lifetime. This perception is absolutely wrong. It is also possible to get rid of PCOD with the right medicine, proper treatment and lifestyle changes.

So, don’t delay. The sooner you start PCOD treatment, the quicker you will be relaxed. Be careful, discuss with the doctor about any abnormal changes in the body.

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