Managing Work & Home? 10 Healthy Habits to Follow

Work Life Balance

It becomes very difficult for a working woman to manage home, children and work. Many times we tend to ignore ourselves by doing work-home balances – which is not good for women’s mental and physical health.

So here are 10 points to keep in mind in order to stay fit mentally and physically and maintain good health.

1- Take time for yourself

Working women usually complain that they do not have time for themselves. Gradually, these exasperation turn into depression. Therefore, it is very important to take out at least half an hour for yourself. During this time, you should go for a walk, do something you like, or even lying in bed. Because it is your time.

2- Have breakfast

A woman who is responsible for the entire home and office often ignores herself. And that is how she goes out to the office without eating anything in the morning. By not taking breakfast, you are hurting your body to a bad extent. So improve this habit.

3- Get plenty of sleep

Another major problem of working women is that they finish all the work and go to bed most late and wake up early in the morning. Lack of sleep is a day-long fatigue, but you have to discipline the people of the house, go to sleep at the right time, and take a lot of sleep on the office holiday.

4- Avoid self-immolation

There are many occasions like not giving more time to children, missing their parents-teacher meeting, not going to a family function when you feel so bad from yourself or someone’s taunts that you go into self-guilt and gradually turn into depression. Understand that no one can do everything, the concept like the perfect mom is wrong and in order to achieve something you have to lose something. Be proud of the decision of going to work because of your own choice or circumstances.

5- Every friend is required

Friends are very important in life. So you also keep connected to friends. Make a rule to talk to friends on a holiday. Plan to move around with friends once a year.

6- Family trip will freshen up

Remove a little time every year from the daily race, for your family. Plan a family trip where you can spend quality time with your children, with your husband, with the family. It will also remove the time for them throughout the year and you will feel fresh.

7- Get an annual health checkup

It is very important to have an overall health checkup once a year. In the race to work and earn money, we ignore body, which later comes in the form of a big health problem.

8- Pamper yourself

Women love to get loved. If you are not getting it, please pamper yourself. Go shopping, go to the parlor and get yourself a little bit. Take a day off and do something just according to your own choice. It will fill you with a new energy.

9- Become financially self reliant

Even if it does not seem to be a health-related matter, it can put you in depression, if you are not financially self-reliant even after working so hard. So save money for yourself too and invest. So that you can extend your hand of help when you need it.

10- Stay away from negativity

You meet people from every walk of life such as home, office, children, husband, family members, friends, neighbors, and others. In general, everyone has all sorts of good news. Listen to the things that make you happy and ignore the bad ones. Otherwise, you will become a victim of negativity. Be happy and share happiness in others too.

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