Nutritionist or Endocrinologist for Weight Loss: Whom to Visit?

Weight Loss

Magazines, blogs, websites, Instagram profiles, friends… information about nutrition and diet is bombarded to us from every possible medium. In fact, everyone has become nutritionist now and provide guidance on what to eat and not. They can guide on keeping a diet, teach you how to eat and make you lose your excess kilos.

However you should be very careful since not everyone is a nutritionist.

The problem is that you can now find so-called nutritionists everywhere, from gyms to slimming centres. But unless you have official training, no one should venture to “put you on a diet”, not even if they are a pharmacist, a physiotherapist, a nurse or a personal trainer.

Nutritionist, dietician or endocrinologist?

Since everyone seems to know about nutrition and there are lots of unofficial courses and training that claim to make nutritionists out of those who do it. Then there are typical advisors and companies offering weight loss products, prescribing diets to anyone who is eager to lose weight.

Who can work professionally as a dietician and/or nutritionist?

Anyone who has completed a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics during four years at university can work as a dietitian-nutritionist, or anyone who is a Higher Technician in Dietetics, a higher-level professional training, can prepare diets.

So the first thing you should check before going to a nutritionist or looking for someone who does a diet, is that they have one of these two official qualifications.

What about the endocrinologist?

Endocrinology is a medical specialty. An endocrinologist knows about nutrition and clinical dietetics, that is, related to pathology.

So whom should you a visit?

Nutritionist – That’s because he/she is the person who can best design a diet for you and advise you on the foods that you should include in your diet to improve your health or lose weight, how to cook them or how to understand the nutritional label of a food.

Diet and disease prevention

Dietitians are not only recommended professionals for those who need to lose weight but to help the general population improve their quality of life and prevent disease. Because the relationship between health and diet is directly related, through changes in diet, problems such as headaches, obesity or type II diabetes, typical of our times, and some types of cancer, could be prevented and even treated.

But the current medical system is focused on being palliative. In other words, it treats the problem but not the cause, which usually includes a poor diet. And the family doctor, to whom we all turn in the first instance, does not currently have the necessary nutritional training to guide a patient beyond mere nutritional advice. The ideal, of course, would be for the family doctor to work in conjunction with a dietician-nutritionist.

Many reasons to go to a nutritionist

A good diet is a key in the prevention of diseases and even a fundamental part in the treatment of some of them. Going through a nutritionist’s consultation is recommended for anyone.

What can a nutritionist do for you?

  • He is the right person to prescribe a diet, if you need to lose or gain weight. But surely he will not even “put you on a diet” but will teach you how to eat in a healthy way and according to your needs so that you can reach a healthy weight.
  • He or she will teach you how to “eat right” by explaining how nutrients work in your body. By understanding this, you will find it much easier to make healthy food choices.
  • Will teach you how to shop smart and interpret nutrition labels on foods.
  • Will teach you how to cook and cook well.

So if you are lucky enough to find a nutritionist, one or two visits to a nutritionist can be enough to eat well for the rest of your life. It’s worth it, isn’t it?

Author: Nilam

Nilam Author

This article has been written by Nilam Mehta and she is one of the owner of this site/blog.

Nilam has worked in Pharmaceutical industry and have studied – Lifestyle Medicine from Doane University; Science of Exercise from University of Colorado Boulder. She believes that many of health problems can be cured naturally.

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