Home Remedies For Depression: Spinach, Bark Tea, Honey, Rosemary

Depression is a condition that is sometimes silent and affects more than 10% of the world’s population. It is a disorder that can be treated, and despite what they say, it does have a cure, but to find it, mainly the person affected needs a lot of willpower.

Depression can be treated with naturally at home, especially if it is just the beginning and realized. Home remedies for depression, anxiety and stress are many, but really few help us to get out of that state, so today we tell you what are the most effective natural remedies to combat depression.

The person who has and lives with depression suffers from a mental and emotional disorder that leaves him or her in a state of sadness and unwillingness in life.

What you will read in this article about depression:

  1. Causes
  2. Symptoms
  3. Other tips
  4. Natural remedies
  • Fruit juice with linseed
  • Spinach and watercress juice
  • Willow Bark Tea
  • Rosemary infusion
  • St. John’s Wort Tea
  • Honey

Causes of Depression

There are multiple causes of depression. Most common ones are is the hormonal cause, genetics, stress of any kind, medications, other illnesses, abuse, and many others.

The good thing about this disorder is that if it’s detected and treated early, it will be more effective than if the condition reaches an advanced stage.

What you need to be know is that this condition should not be underestimated, because if it is not treated effectively it can lead to suicidal death since the depressed person in advanced stages often get suicidal thoughts.

Symptoms of Depression

  • Feeling sad for no apparent reason
  • Having a lack of appetite or conversely an increased appetite
  • A strong desire to sleep
  • On the other hand, insomnia is also common
  • Crying with relative ease
  • Feeling apathetic or irritable
  • Not wanting to do anything

Natural Remedies for Depression

The following cures will help you to better manage depression with natural home remedies so that the person suffering from the condition or his/her family member knows that there is a way out and that they can use these remedies. Also, keep in mind that the person with depression needs to feel that they are loved and that they are not alone.

So here are the food items commonly used in kitchen which can be used for treating depression:

Fruit juice with flax seeds

For this remedy, you need 2 tablespoons of flaxseed and 1 glass of unsweetened fruit juice. Afterwards you only have to grind everything in a blender and drink it twice a day.

Spinach and Watercress Juice

You will need 100 grams of spinach, 100 grams of watercress and 200 ml of orange juice. To make the recipe you only have to place the ingredients inside the mixer and beat until it is fine. Then you can proceed to take the juice every morning on an empty stomach for 10 days in a row, and repeat the process every 3 months, and you can see how easily it fights depression.

Willow Bark Tea

To make this tea or infusion you only need 1 liter of water and 30 grams of willow bark, then boil the water, and add the willow bark. Once it starts boiling keep it for over a low heat for 20 minutes. It is recommended to drink 3 cups a day.

Rosemary Infusion

This is a most effective home remedy for depression, as its effect is mainly antidepressant, you need 1 tablespoon of dessert with rosemary leaves and a glass of boiling water to which you add rosemary and let it infuse for 10 minutes. Take this infusion 3 times a day.

St. John’s Wort Tea

This remedy is also very effective, you need 20 grams of St. John’s wort leaves and a liter of water. To make the recipe, boil water and add the St. John’s wort, and let it stand for 10 minutes. Have this 3 cups a day.


Honey is an important neurotransmitter, it produces serotonin and increases the sensation of pleasure and well-being, so sweeten your drinks with a little honey.

Other tips – Walking, Having Pet, Meditation, Yoga

Walking: In addition to carrying out these natural remedies for depression, you need to lead a healthy life, and among the most recommended tips is walking, because when a person walks, it releases endorphin and adrenaline which are the substances that make us have well-being and pleasure, something that will help you relax without a doubt.

Keep a pet: Having a pet is also highly recommended for people who have depression, as the companionship of the animal makes the depressed person’s loneliness end, bringing them more joy, and it also makes them have another responsibility and someone to care for.

Chromotherapy: In depressed people is quite helpful, and it consists of wearing brightly colored clothing, such as orange, red, and yellow, as they are bright colors and will increase mood.

Yoga and Meditation: It is also often beneficial to practice meditation and yoga, as this will help you better manage your anxiety and stress, and is ideal as a home remedy for severe depression.

Foods: In certain food items you can also find a lot of anti-depressive substances that will serve to stimulate neurotransmitters, secreting serotonin that will give a greater sense of pleasure. Among the most positive foods are lettuce, which has a soothing and sleep-altering effect and is rich in phosphate. Grapes are a fruit that stimulates the nervous system, and beans, ginger, bananas, oranges, licorice and pumpkins are also good.

As you can see, these tips can relieve the symptoms of depression to a certain extent, but you should not forget that the environment in which the person lives also has a lot of influence and it is also necessary to pay attention to all the stress and pressure that we may be unconsciously generating.

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