5 Key Areas to Improve to Grow as a Professional

Grow as a professional

There are many areas in our lives that we should improve in order to grow both as a person and as a professional. But the big question that forms in the minds of almost all of us is, what are these areas?

This article highlights the 5 key areas you should improve if you expect to grow as a professional.

Growing as a professional is a desire of many people that seems to be reserved for a few. But reality tells us that those few were not only lucky, but found the right keys to achieve it.

Improving as a professional implies many factors: achieving better results or with less effort and in less time (boosting productivity), improving the working environment to achieve a better atmosphere and team cohesion, among others.

For each person it can mean something different depending on the context. Whether for your business, entrepreneurship or in your usual place of work, there is something you should know if you really want to improve as a professional: that, like everything in life, depends on a process of personal change.

It is very common that you ask yourself what you can do to improve as a professional, since it seems that attending courses or attending infinite trainings is not the solution to improve your results in your work, business, projects or undertakings.

What is really the secret to grow as a professional?

There is no secret, and neither is it following gurus, training non-stop or reading books on financial freedom. Your professional results, whether in your job, business or entrepreneurship, depend on your current actions.

You know the saying: “if you want different results… you need to take different actions”.

Your actions are a reflection of the state of personal development you are in.

The only key to improving as a professional is actually improving as a person. Personal skills are the great tool for you to grow as a professional, because everything that happens in your job depends on how you are doing as a person and how you approach your work and relationships with others.

Depending on your state of personal development, your experiences and professional development will flow. In fact, it is known and demonstrated that the success of a venture, business or company does not depend on the product, logistics or image as much as on the state of personal and human development of the people who live together in that work and have common objectives.

So all the important areas of your personality that you must work on can be summarized in a few.

1. Know yourself

Knowing yourself is key to knowing where you stand, what your talents are, what your limitations are, and what you can do to turn problems into opportunities.

A difficulty or limit can be real or relative. Many times, limits are only the result of limiting beliefs because we do not know ourselves deeply.

But overcoming your limiting beliefs is not something you will achieve by repeating mantras or listening to a guru on duty. You need a work of deep self-knowledge added to different, very concrete and observable actions.

Few trainers know how to do this. If you know yourself, your learning will accelerate and everything will change for the better much sooner. In addition, your well-being and self-confidence will increase.

2. Managing emotions

Every second of the day you feel emotions, and they affect you in every decision you make. We used to think that emotions were just our irrational side. But now we know that they are always there and that the key is to understand them and know how to manage them in order to grow and help others to overcome as well.

Overcoming certain fears, knowing how to manage anger, impatience or anxiety are key to improving as a professional. If you learn to understand and manage your emotions, not only will your professional life change, but also your personal life and the quality of your personal relationships (also with your colleagues, team or even clients).

3. Your communication

Your style of communication defines the quality of your personal relationships, both with your colleagues or partners and with your clients or users (students, audience in a talk, among others.)

Assertive communication (knowing how to say no and express what you really feel and believe with kindness, respect and considering the real limits) and empathy (knowing how to be in the other’s place) is what helps you connect with others, really understand them and thus get the right messages to the right person.

Without this ability, professional results do not come or come too late and after too much effort.

4. Your personal relationships (leadership or positive influence)

To be a leader is not to guide, order or command, but to positively influence others in such a way that you help them grow and become leaders as well.

The quality of personal relationships is key if you work with a team and want to improve the cohesion of that team and its results.

Leadership always sows in the long term, which is when the most important results and successes come.

How to achieve it? As always, with a process of personal change. If you want to strengthen your leadership you must go deeper into what positive influence you want to give to others and what different actions you would have to take to achieve it.

5. Your productivity

Your ability to organize, plan, make decisions and manage time is also a personal skill.

It is not only about being effective and achieving the results you have set out to achieve, but about being efficient, which means achieving those results with the least amount of effort and resources possible.

If you manage to develop these areas you will have with you the most important skills that every professional must have to achieve better results or overcome the most important problems or crises.

It is also fundamental that you focus on what is the most important area for you and develop it.

Author: Nilam

Nilam Author

This article has been written by Nilam Mehta and she is one of the owner of this site/blog.

Nilam has worked in Pharmaceutical industry and have studied – Lifestyle Medicine from Doane University; Science of Exercise from University of Colorado Boulder. She believes that many of health problems can be cured naturally.

You can reach her on [email protected]

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