Aloe Vera for Skin Care, Digestive Problems, Hair, Oral Care, Weight Loss

Today, aloe vera is a vital ingredient in the preparation of various home remedies, either administered orally or applied to the skin.

Here are some of the uses you can make of it.

1. Skin Remedies

One of the most special use of this natural product is for skin care, either for burns or for scar improvement. The gel contained in it notoriously accelerates the healing process, improving blood circulation around the wound.

It also has a good function in protecting against UV rays. You can apply an aloe cream a few minutes before sun exposure to protect yourself.

2. Relieves Constipation

Aloe vera is recommended to reduce diarrhea, acting as a purgative for the purpose of intestinal cleansing. It is advisable not to do it too often, as it loses its effect on the intestine with frequent use.

3. Relieves oral problems

The aloe vera pulp allows you to relieve sores, gingivitis or stomatitis in simple steps:

Just crush it and pour it into your mouth. You need to make sure it makes contact with the wound.

4. Fights colon problems

If you suffer from colon disease, there is a solution to help you reduce the discomfort and heartburn. It consists of a mixture of honey, orange juice, a spoonful of aloe vera juice and a glass of water. Take it daily on an empty stomach for best results.

5. Aloe vera to prevent acne

Because aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties, it is a good ingredient against acne. Take a soap, cream and lotion containing aloe vera and use it in the morning and evening. This will not only help you with pimples, but also control the amount of fat that accumulates in your face.

You can also use a gel with aloe vera on the pimples to reduce swelling. Another possibility is to apply aloe gel on areas where you had acne to soften and regenerate the skin.

6. Helps cellulite to disappear

Since aloe vera has high dermatological benefits, it is commonly used against cellulite. It should be made clear that it is not a strong remedy in itself, as you need to exercise, eat a balanced diet and massage your legs regularly.

7. It’s beneficial for your hair

As for the skin, aloe vera acts on the hair as a sunscreen, protecting the scalp from UV rays. It also protects it from the daily problems such as drying and smoothing, grease, making it shiny and silky.

Washing your hair with aloe vera removes dandruff from the skin, so you only need to brush your hair to remove dandruff completely. Repeat it a few times and you will see that the result is resounding.

9. It is an excellent relaxant

Aloe vera has anesthetic properties that relax the muscles of the head. When you wash your hair, massage your scalp well to achieve a de-stressing effect.

10. It helps you lose weight

Being a plant with purifying properties, aloe vera is a good natural product to lose weight. By mixing it with lemon adds purifying property together with the detoxifying properties.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to make a smoothie that is very easy to prepare. All you need is a medium leaf of aloe, in pieces and with the bones already removed, a spoonful of honey and juice of a lemon.

Blend the ingredients and strain through a sieve. Take it when you first get up for a digestive break until you eat breakfast. For best effects, also follow a healthy diet and exercise routine at least three days a week.

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