Mandarin Essential Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair, Immune System, Massage & more

Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin essential oil is considered as a great ally for our physical and aesthetic well-being, since, among other things, it helps to combat the presence of wrinkles, improve skin tone, promote hair growth or even delay the appearance of the first grey hair.

In this article, we will discuss this in more detail:

What is mandarin essential oil?

Mandarin essential oil is a soothing substance obtained from the peel of citrus fruit, giving off a mild, revitalizing and invigorating smell. It is obtained by properly conserving the fruit through cold mechanisms or by maceration. In addition, other parts are used such as the leaves and through steam distillation and maceration, pure essential oil is obtained having many properties.

Native of southern China, its cultivation is abundant because through culture and traditions the use of these essences for the maintenance of our health has spread considerably. Its use is very popular throughout the East, especially in India. However, it was through England that its use spread to the West from the year 1805 onwards.

The mandarin essential oil, of golden or green tones, distills a citric and soothing aroma, which at the same time brings freshness and is particularly volatile. Several methods are used to obtain this essential oil, the most common of which are steam distillation or mechanical cold distillation, i.e. rubbing the shell with a certain force to release its fragrance and oil content.

To do this, the fruit must be carefully selected, avoiding those with spots, choosing the heaviest ones, which therefore have more juice. The fruit may be stored for at least one week.

Benefits, Properties of Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin essential oil can provide the following benefits:

Mandarin as citrus contains a high percentage of vitamin C, so it will help us fight a series of unstable molecules in our body such as free radicals thanks to its antioxidant effects, which will be useful to delay the premature aging of our cells.

By neutralizing the toxic and harmful effects of free radicals, our skin will be able to look more youthful, radiant and toned.

Likewise, being a good source of vitamin C and E, mandarin essential oil will be essential to eliminate skin imperfections and fight against the main signs of aging such as wrinkles and expression lines.

Mandarin essential oil is also perfect for promoting the growth of our hair thanks to its content in vitamin E and vitamin B12. Due to its antioxidant properties it is also a perfect ally to protect our hair from the polluting substances that predominate in the environment.

Vitamin B12 present in mandarin essential oil helps to delay the appearance of the first grey hair and give more shine to the hair.

Thanks to its vitamin C content, it can improve the functioning of immune system. Antimicrobial properties will prevent wounds from becoming infected and ultimately prevent fungal infections. They also prevent spasms in the digestive tract and nervous system, preventing cramps and vomiting.

Its tonic properties cannot be ignored, since they favor the metabolism, the decomposition of food and correct absorption of its nutrients. It also tones the liver, stomach and intestine and promotes the secretion of enzymes and hormones.

By favouring the flow of gastric juices, it will help keep the stomach in perfect condition and will help heal ulcers. All this not to mention that it is an excellent soothing, helping us to alleviate inflammations and hyperactivity in the functioning of the remaining systems.

Through the cleansing properties of mandarin essential oil, you can eliminate the toxic substances accumulated in your body such as salts, uric acid, and increase the capacity of red blood cells to retain oxygen.

How to use Mandarin oil?

The essential oil of mandarin can have very different applications, as mentioned below:

You can use it for a massage session. This oil should only be applied to the skin in circular movements by mixing it with a carrier oil. Ideally, this oil should be blended with jojoba, for example, or coconut oil to help hydrate the skin. One drop of essential oil is recommended for every 5 ml of carrier oil.

Similarly, if you want to prevent stretch marks, mix one or two drops of mandarin essential oil with equal quantity of lavender oil. Afterwards, it is sufficient to apply a massage on the affected area.

On the other hand, you can also apply one or two drops of mandarin essential oil with a drop, as it helps kill bacteria and disinfect the wounds.

It can also be of great use as an ingredient for household cleaning. Just mix a few drops with water. This preparation can be applied to a rag, with which you can pass your furniture or even include it in a bucket to scrub the floors.

Is the oil safe?

Mandarin essential oil may have some contraindications:

During the first three months of the baby’s birth, this essential oil should not be used directly on the skin, because we could cause skin irritations. It will be from this period when it can be applied topically mixed with a vegetable oil base.

It should not be taken by mouth, as it may cause allergic and toxic reactions, especially in children, since their bodies are still too sensitive.

In the case of pregnant women, all essences, including mandarin essential oil, should be administered with caution, since the metabolic, endocrine, digestive and circulatory system undergoes noticeable changes, which generates an increase in the susceptibility of the organism to any substance that may be in contact with the skin and respiratory tract. Although several studies in this field have shown that mandarin oil offers more benefits than adverse effects.

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