7 Natural Masks for Skin Care – Firmness, Wrinkle, Dark Spots & more

Giving it a break and helping our skin is much easier than we think. Many times we have everything we need at home and all we need to know is how to use it and what for. Ready to go?

Skin care is one of the greatest concerns for the modern woman. The speed of daily life and the hours that they do not reach always seem to be an excuse for not enjoying the much needed moments with ourselves and that our body and mind are always grateful for.

Taking the time to pamper ourselves and give our skin a break should not seem like an impossible mission, let alone a fight against our pockets.

So it’s time to get out of the routine and take 15 minutes to relax and treat yourselves with the following 100% natural masks, without chemicals and, even better, with ingredients that can be found in every home.

Fruit Mask for Extra Firmness and Health

This mask leaves the skin incredible because it stimulates the production of collagen providing firmness, removes dead cells, evens out skin tone and reduces small expression lines.

In a mixer or blender, mix one cup of fresh pineapple with half a cup of slightly green papaya until it has a purée texture. Once the mixture is ready, add two tablespoons of honey and stir. Apply to freshly washed face taking care not to cover sensitive areas around eyes. Leave on for no more than 5 minutes and rinse with cold water.

The best time to apply this mask is just before bedtime, ideally after a good bath or after opening the pores with steam. Thus, the skin will be ready to receive the benefits of the fruits without being exposed to other external elements for at least 6 hours.

Mask for sun damaged skin

Ideal for after holidays or when we have repeatedly forgotten the sun protection and our skin has an appearance that reminds us of leather. This century-old mask is magical for reviving and recovering the skin.

Mix two tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of flour. Add two to three tablespoons of milk until the paste has a consistency similar to that of toothpaste. Apply until smooth on clean face avoiding the area around eyes and making sure hair does not get in the way. Leave to act for half an hour, stir with lukewarm water and dry gently.

This can be repeated twice a week in case your skin needs it, but above all, don’t forget your hat or sunscreen next time.

French Anti-Wrinkle Mask

Strange as this formula may seem, it is a French beauty secret that has been passed down from generation to generation and actually works quite well.

Mix and boil one cup of whole milk, two tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of brandy. And then let it cool. When the mixture is warm (not warm, not hot) apply on the face with the help of a pastry brush. Yeah, for a moment you’ll feel like frosting your face, but it’ll be worth it.

When completely dry, wash the residue with warm water and dry with a clean towel. For amazing results, repeat two or three times in one week.

Firming Tonic

To cleanse the skin and reduce pores, there is no better and simpler natural tonic. Simply mix one tablespoon of apple vinegar with one tablespoon of freshly boiled water. As soon as the mixture is cool enough, apply to the skin with the help of cotton wool, avoiding the eye area.

There is no need to rinse if the smell does not irritate. It is normal for some people to be more sensitive to the mixture and have watery eyes, nothing to worry about unless other allergic reactions occur.

This treatment should be tried several times a week and is recommended as a cleaning supplement.

Mask against dark spots on the skin

This mask, although very simple, requires time and dedication to work. If the dreaded dark spots took a long time to appear, your remedy will also take a while.

Simply puree one third cup of soft chickpeas (either jar or boiled) with a little water. Apply the mixture in the places where you have these stains (face, hands or arms) and let it act until it gets hard and breaks on its own. Wash thoroughly and repeat every night for at least two months to see results.

Rose Mask for Youth

It is no coincidence that rose extract is one of the most valuable and appreciated compounds in modern cosmetics. Rose has properties that bring life, softness and freshness back to the skin and do not require expensive chemical treatments.

Crush or crush the petals of five fresh roses until they have the consistency of a uniform paste. Apply on the skin and leave it on for 5 minutes. Fresh, soft skin with a unique scent is what you get.

Nourishing Aloe and Olive Oil Mask

These two ingredients need no introduction. Aloe Vera is a gift from nature that rejuvenates, cleanses and hydrates and olive oil is the king of nutrition.

Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with a block of three-fingered, aloe vera crystals until homogenized and apply to the skin for 20 minutes (or until absorbed and tightened). Rinse with cold water and you’ll see the difference.

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