5 Minute Meditation for Energy and Enthusiasm


During meditation, the flow of blood and energy in the body increases. This gives more oxygen to the muscles. Lactic acid increases in the body, which reduces stress and discomfort rapidly. Meditation is the mental exercise that calms your mind, stabilizes and makes mind stable and aware in one place.

5 Minute Meditation

Meditation means concentrating introspection, trying to identify oneself. A five-minute meditation technique enhances energy and calms the mind. For this, sit in focus for a while and feel the energy yourself. You can do it anytime, anywhere

First Minute: Sit comfortably on the chair. Breathe slowly and deeply from your nose throughout the exercise. Stay stable and leave your body loose and feel the body weight on the chair. Focus on your breath. Breathe in counting up to four and exhale while counting up to four.

Second Minute: Keep your eyes on the nose and keep all your attention on your breath. Feel the mind calming down. Feel happy that you are sitting with you at the moment.

Third Minute: Keep your eyes closed. Focus on touch power for 15 seconds. Feel your clothes touching your body. Listen to the external sounds for the next 15 seconds. Focus on listening. Then think about the smell, taste and the power of view. Just feel them.

4th Minute: If you are thinking about it, don’t pay attention to them, don’t try to control them. Let them come and learn easily. Just know and understand your thoughts.

5th Minute: Choose any of these good thoughts, scenes, words, sentences. Now just focus on that. Whatever it is, it should be beautiful and energetic. For example, if you have thought of a beach, it should be beautiful, calm, full of energy. This thought should give you satisfaction and happiness.

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