Figs for Fertility in Women & Men: Fig Water for Pregnancy

Fig for Fertility

First sexual intercourse, then pregnant”…what seems to be easy to hear for most men and women often looks different in reality. Even the smallest stress can throw the body out of balance and create problem in getting pregnant.

When we hear the word fertility we imagine a process full of tests, sophisticated analyses, injections and state-of-the-art equipment, when in fact, infertility is largely related to our diet and body weight. The first advice to increase fertility in women is to make changes in the diet in order to prevent irregularities in menstrual and ovulatory cycles.

What is Fertility?

Fertility is the ability to conceive a child. It occurs when an egg fuses with a sperm while it is in the fallopian tubes. In most cases, fertility occurs in almost all men and women, but there are cases where men and women are infertile, that is, they cannot have child naturally.

If you have had several failed attempts at pregnancy, the first thing you should do is visit doctor and perform the medical tests to determine whether a fertility problem exists.

The vast majority of couples do not have problems conceiving a baby, but there are couples who have problems or difficulties achieving the desired pregnancy. Among the most common problems that make pregnancy difficult are problems with ovulation and sperm quality.

To solve these two problems, natural home remedies can be very helpful in improving fertility and conceiving. And one such food item is FIG which is rich in vitamins and minerals that help to produce sperm and protect the fertilized egg.

Properties of Fig Water that Improves Pregnancy Chances

If you are facing infertility problem then fig water can help you get pregnant quickly. This is because of the excellent properties of this sweet fruit, as mentioned below:

Rich in Potassium: Fig water contains large amounts of potassium, a mineral that is essential in your body when you are planning for a child or are pregnant.

Rich in Vitamins: In terms of vitamins, figs contain high doses of vitamin A, vitamin C, and B vitamins, especially folic acid, which is highly recommended for women of childbearing age when trying to conceive. Hence figs are one of the foods that doctors recommend to increase fertility.

Rich in Iron: Since ancient times, fig has been considered a fruit to increase fertility. Dehydrated figs are a source of iron helping the woman’s endometrium during the menstrual cycle. It also contains antioxidant minerals such as selenium and magnesium that defend the egg from aging.

Diuretic: Fig water has a marked diuretic character. This means that, when consumed, it will help you eliminate all the toxic substances that have accumulated in the small intestine and that serve as support for free radicals. These oxidative substances have a negative influence on ovulation and the regularity of the menstrual cycle.

Controls Blood Sugar: Despite its sweet taste, fig is ideal for regulating excess blood sugar.

High Water Content: It contains a large amount of water and is rich in carbohydrates (sucrose, glucose, fructose), with a high caloric value. It is a fruit that is recommended for everyone in general, and in particular for those who need an extra supply of energy: pregnant women, babies, others.

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Fig for Men:

Fig also stimulates male fertility, increases semen production and sperm movement. Male fertility can be measured by studying the quality of the sperm or by studying the ducts of the testicles that carry the sperm. Figs support fertility and the ability to father a child.

How to drink fig water to get pregnant?

There are two options as follows:

Option-1: Buy Fig Water

First option is to buy fig water directly from any herbal store or health food store. However, it is vitally important to ensure that it does not contain any additives or chemical substances in its composition.

If you are unsure, try option-2.

Option-2: Homemade Recipe:

Fig water for fertility is extremely easy to make it at home.

To do this, first clean the figs and their leaves with tap water thoroughly. Then, pour these into a container with hot water and then filter out the remnants with a strainer. Then add the juice in one piece and drink it immediately.

When to Drink Fig Water

The ideal time to drink fig water for fertility i.e. getting pregnant is first thing in the morning before breakfast. If you do so, the beneficial nutrients of this seductively sweet fruit will be easily absorbed by the body, which will increase the chances of pregnancy.

Note: Although the fig and fig leaves have fertilizing properties on women; its over-consumption may turn out to be abortifacient. So it is important to consult your doctor before intake of any food.

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