Irregular Menses, Can I get Pregnant Easily?

Irregular Menses & Pregnancy

The answer to the question – if you can get pregnant when you have irregular menstrual cycles is YES, but not as easily as if you have regular cycles. There are difficulties when trying to get pregnant in such conditions as explained below –

One of them is that sometimes ovulation does not occur when there are irregularities in the cycle. In this case, you should see a doctor who will look for the source of the problem and will give you some treatment to regulate it. Most of the time, the problem is solved after this. But if not, the doctor will resort to other solutions, the most frequent being assisted fertilization.

Another problem that arises is that you will not know you are pregnant with a simple period delay. This is because it could be just a normal delay common in women with irregular cycles and you will have to resort to safer tests such as pregnancy tests and pregnancy symptoms.

A disadvantage when you want to get pregnant, or want to avoid it, is that you will not know how to calculate your cycle. And, therefore, you will not know which are your most fertile days. For this you will have to look at other symptoms such as change in vaginal discharge, basal temperature, and pains in the abdomen and breasts.

It is recommended that the pregnancy attempt is made naturally for a year. But if after this you have not achieved a pregnancy, you will have to go to a gynecologist to give you the guidelines and achieve it with the help of assisted fertilization.

Also, keep in mind the fact that it is more difficult to get pregnant if you are irregular. But this does not mean that you can not get pregnant. Some women believe that because it is more complicated to get pregnant this way they can be calmer and not protect themselves so much against unwanted pregnancies and this is a mistake, it is not a contraceptive method.

How to calculate fertile days in an irregular menstrual cycle

As mentioned before, there are a number of changes in your body that you can detect and use to keep track of your ovulation as effectively as possible, especially your most fertile days. In this section we explain how you can calculate your fertile days if you are irregular:

  • Maintain a calendar for your cycle. Even if you are irregular, write down when your period comes and when it goes to keep track and find a pattern. Even a doctor would advise maintaining a calendar for proper diagnosis.
  • Vaginal discharge. This changes color and texture when you are ovulating. During the first few days after your period the discharge will be clear, but with the arrival of ovulation it will become whitish, sticky and abundant.
  • Basal temperature. Take your temperature and you will see that there is an increase as ovulation approaches.

Ovulation Test and Fertility Monitors

If for whatever reason you do not have time or do not want to keep track of your cycle manually by performing the guidelines explained above, there are so-called ovulation tests that allow you to predict when you are going to ovulate. The function of this test is to detect the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) whose function is to cause the ovarian follicle to expel the egg, which marks the beginning of ovulation.

Digital Ovulation Test

There are different ovulation tests but the easiest and fastest is the digital test. This test should be done every day at the same time, preferably after lunch, which is when LH levels are most detectable in the urine. In any case, consult your doctor or gynecologist and he/she will give you the guidelines to use the fertility test or monitor that best suits you.

How to get pregnant easily if you are irregular

The reality is that there are a series of guidelines to follow to increase the possibility of getting pregnant with irregular cycles. But they never guarantee success since it depends on the body and metabolism of each woman. Some will have an easier time and others less. But in case you want to try it, since it is claimed that it helps regulate cycles, facilitating fertilization, among other advantages.

(1) Not controlling your weight can be a reason why you have irregular cycles, so it is best to keep an eye on it, to have a normal body weight as possible, that is, a weight appropriate to your body. If you have thought about going on a diet for this, consult your doctor beforehand so that he/she can give you the necessary guidelines.

(2) Do not smoke or consume alcohol and drugs to prevent pregnancy delays

(3) Exercising helps to improve your fertility. When doing it, it is important that it is moderate, because if you overdo it you could end up with the opposite result to the one you are looking for.

(4) Take foods, vitamins and nutritional supplements designed for women with this problem, as they increase fertility and/or help regulate the cycle.

(5) If you really want to get pregnant, it is recommended that you have sex every other day between your periods, as it is effective in increasing your chances of conceiving.

If you think you are stressed or have anxiety, try to do relaxation exercises and lead a life as calm as possible, as anxiety and stress is one of the most common causes of irregular cycles.

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