Time & Money: Keys to Become Rich & Successful

Time is Money

Time is Money

You must’ve certainly heard/read this famous phrase countless number of times. It is possibly the oldest phrase with origins dating back to Ancient Greek philosophy.

But is time really money?

Let’s get to the facts.

Many people believe that this phrase makes sense because of the relationship of interdependence that exists between time and money. When one is missing, the other can often be missing as well. And that confuses people a lot.

But, unlike what the popular saying says, it is impossible to put both in the same boat, since time and money are totally different. And understanding this concept can be the starting point for achieving the greatest transformation of your life.

Time and money…

Although these are distinct things, it is not difficult to observe that when we misuse one of them, the lack of one results in the lack of the other as well.

If, for example, you run out of time, you will pay more for convenience services or last-minute purchases. If, on the other hand, your point is a lack of money, you will waste time solving problems in more creative ways or have less productivity because of the many worries in your head.

That’s why building a rich life depends not only on accumulating money, but mainly on knowing how to balance it with the good use of your time.

What’s it like to be a rich person?

Without a doubt, it is having lots of dollars accumulated in the account.

On the other hand, who does not feel rich when they have time to be with their children, to take care of their health, to think about a more creative journey? Who does not feel rich when they have the freedom to deal with unforeseen events or the opportunity to make an unplanned personal expense?

That is why a wealthy person is the one who can deal with both these in a balanced way. The one who knows how to balance time between work and personal life and who knows how to direct money to a better use than most people do, is a well balances person. But how to do that?

Achieving Balance

Dealing with time is an art. And it is from the moment we learn how to perfect it that we are able to change everything in our lives. But, like everything else in life, a certain dedication is needed.

If time is something rare in your life, the last thing you should do when you have a few hours available is rest.

In fact, it should be intuitive for you to understand that free time out of your routine should be used to better organize something that makes it scarce in your life, such as your personal finances.

It will make all the difference to your enrichment. With the more organized budget, you will have less problems, you will waste less time dealing with unforeseen events and, consequently, you will lose less money. From there, you can start organizing your time according to what gives you pleasure. And this creates a spiral of prosperity.

It is that little step more, which most people ignore, that guarantees a richer life. The concept of “you work, I work; you rest, I work; you complain and I rest”. Make small sacrifices, get organized, forget the expression “time is money”. And this is what will lead you to make a big leap in your life.

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