7 Steps to Look Less Tired Despite Staying Up all Night

Tired Skin

Do you look tired 90% of the time? Then do not worry.

By following these 7 simple steps that combine skincare and makeup, you’ll achieve a “good face” effect even if you’ve been sleeping for less number of hours.

1. Start with cryotherapy

It doesn’t have to be professional, but it’s good to give your face a good dose of cold. You can take a bath with cold water, put on a mask fresh from the refrigerator, give yourself a light massage with an ice pack or use a device that has a cryotherapy function. The cold helps stimulate blood circulation, reduce inflammation and refresh the skin; ideal for reducing signs of fatigue.

2. As always, hydration is key

Hydrated skin is glowing skin. Moisturizing also helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother appearance. Ideally, give your skin a boost of hydration and care by using a mask and then seal it all in with a light moisturizer and, if it’s daytime, a sunscreen. If you don’t have time for a mask, opt for a hydrating serum or oil.

3. Massage, massage and massage again

When applying products, massage lightly with upward strokes to further stimulate circulation. If you have a mask and/or hydrogel patches on, use a jade roller or gua sha to massage your skin. Massage is essential to stimulate circulation and “wake up” the complexion. Your skin will thank you.

4. Correct strategically

Here, less is more. Forget your high-coverage foundation and opt instead for only correcting key points with a luminous concealer. This technique creates two effects: the first is that the skin looks more natural and the second is that it also looks fresher and brighter. If you hate minimalist coverage, you can use a light, luminous tint.

5. Whatever you do, avoid powder products

Powder products keep your skin matte, but they can also make it look duller, dehydrated and accentuate fine lines. Instead, use liquid and creamy products with luminous finishes. If you don’t want your skin to look “oily,” just mattify the T-zone with rice paper or a light layer of translucent powder.

6. Turn up the blush

Apply a little more blush than you’re used to and do it above the cheekbones and on the lower eyelid. Not only does this give your skin a touch of healthy, natural color, but it also helps to conceal dark circles under the eyes and, therefore, the biggest telltale signs of fatigue.

7. Brighten with a balm

The last step to give your complexion a hydrated, luminous and rested effect, is to use a highlighter with a balm-like formula. This makes the skin look much more luminous and has a “wet” finish as if it were intensely hydrated. Apply to high points and blend gently with your fingers. Lastly, apply a touch of highlighter on the tear trough to open up the look and you’re done!

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