Why do breasts increase in size before period?

Breast Size before Period

There is a very commonly asked question:

Is it normal for the breasts to grow an entire size during PMS? It’s such a noticeable change that I need two different sets of bras!


Yes, breast swelling is completely normal. During the premenstrual phase, women  have higher levels of progesterone and prolactin, hormones that can cause breast tissue to swell and the breast glands to increase in size.

In addition, women’s body retains water during this premenstrual period. The change in breast size varies for each woman, and sometimes from every month. Some women may not notice the difference in their breasts, but others feel as if they have received a (temporary) implant.

What can be done?

Although you can’t stop the hormonal process, there are things you can do to make your breast reconstruction before your period less pronounced. To control fluid retention, don’t eat too much salt. Watch for hidden sodium in soups, vegetable juices, and fast foods. If that doesn’t help, diuretics can help you not retain water.

If the change is dramatic and really bothers you, talk to your doctor about considering birth control. By regulating your hormone fluctuation, the pills can help you keep the same bra size all year round.

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