10 Natural Ways to Enlarge Breasts: Diet, Massage, Bra & more

Breast Enlargement Naturally

Women are very competitive about their bodies and physical condition. There are many jokes, inappropriate forms of humor around the observation of small and imperfect breasts. But there are solutions to every problem and this applies to smaller breasts as well. And in this article we’ll discuss the 10 ways to naturally increase size of the breasts.

(10) Super Phytoestrogen Plus Dim

The key word here is Dim. Dim or diindolylmethane is a phytochemical that is made using certain vegetables such as broccoli. When it comes to estrogen metabolism in the body, Dim is very effective. Apparently Dim is essential. With all estrogen levels increased, something will be desired to stabilize this. Dim can be included in one of the supplements or other forms of natural breast growth regime.

(9) Diet

Eating processed food and very sweet drinks will not produce beautiful body. The breast enhancement diet list contains apples, beets, barley, flax seeds, garlic, soy bean sprouts, prunes, pistachios and red wine. And the diet factor is ninth place in this selection of increasing the breasts size naturally.

(8) Amino Acids

Without helping the body with growth hormones, breast enhancement cravings will not be satisfied. Amino acids help to build proteins. Proteins are a growth hormone. Thus, amino acids are a must. Find a creative way to add amino acids to the breast growth plan before exercise.

(7) Massage

Breast massage improves blood circulation in the body and stretches the breast tissues helping in increasing the size of the breasts. A simple massage procedure includes choosing an oil, generating heat by rubbing the hands together, massaging the outer nipple counter clockwise, repeating with about 100 to 300 circles twice daily, and waiting patiently for the effects.

(6) Oil

Which oil to use for daily breast massages?

Well, use oils that are good for the skin. Get body oils that you would use regularly, even if you don’t want bigger breasts. The best and most effective breast growth oils are linseed oil, almond oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, among others.

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(5) Avoid Caffeine and Sugar

Caffeine and sugar have been known to decrease breast size. This is because caffeine and sugar could be in the way of dreams of having a bigger breast. Avoiding caffeine and sugar is the fifth position in this selection of the 10 ways to naturally enlarge breasts.

(4) Reduce Stress

The stressed mind can have its negative effects on the body. Exercise helps stimulate the production of dopamine in the brain and clears the mind of chaotic thoughts. Also, never underestimate the power of meditation. Prayer is also an incredible tool.

(3) Milky Thistle

Milky thistle is an important component that should be included in breast growth plans. It is often read about thistle but it is important not to mix the two. Milky thistle is a plant (tea) used for liver detoxification. This is very important for the natural breast regimen, because the liver processes hormones like estrogen. When the liver is overloaded with hormones like estrogen, it cannot function properly. If the person is taking supplements, vitamins and teas, it can all be useless if the liver cannot process them in the way it needs. So milky thistle is very important if you want to augment your breasts.

(2) Quality Bra

Many women wear the wrong bra size. Find the one that fits properly. Also, look for branded lingeries, because ergonomically prepared gives comfort. There’s no shame in buying a great bra that lifts. Don’t let celebrities fool you, many of your favorite celebrities have the best bras ever imaginable. While it is not possible to get a custom Victoria’s Secret bra like Taylor Swift, there are definitely many options to choose from.

(1) Contraceptives

Contraceptive is a method that works for only few individuals. But it is the leading position in this selection of the ways to naturally enlarge breasts. Contraceptive pills can also be used for skin care. It is necessary to talk to the doctor first if you opt for this approach. The hormones found in the pills can increase the size of the breasts.

However, there may be some side effects that arise along with birth control such as mood swings and weight gain. If you wish to implement the use of pills, be aware that this can affect more than just breast size. However, contraceptive pills are a big secret when it comes to breast augmentation, but must be taken very carefully.

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