How Women’s Can Increase Iron Absorption in Body

Consume Iron Right Way

Iron is an important mineral that is required to complete many important functions of the body. It helps boost energy production, growth, development, hormone synthesis and immune systems.

So it is said that everyone must include iron rich food in their diet. This is certainly true, but not entirely true. For example, if you are taking an iron rich diet, but if your body is not absorbing that iron, your body may surely face a variety of problems. So it is important that you eat iron rich food and in a way in which your body can absorb iron. Once the iron is absorbed it is used as a building block for hemoglobin, proteins in red blood cells that help carry oxygen throughout the body.

So here are the methods to increase iron absorption in the body.

Eat Smartly

If you want your body to have a better iron absorption, you need to eat a little smartly. For example, you must eat iron rich food. But at the same time, include vitamin C prominently in your diet. Not only that, you try to consume iron and vitamin C together.

By doing this, the absorption of iron in the body is better. For Vitamin C, include lemon, orange, capsicum, tomato, amla etc. in your diet. On the other hand, foods found in whole grains, cereals, soy, nuts, and legumes contain phytate or phytic acid. Phytate has a negative effect on iron absorption and can be countered with the help of vitamin C foods. In this regard also, it is very important to consume vitamin C foods.

Don’t take iron and calcium together

However, calcium is considered to be very essential for bone health. But if consumed with iron rich foods, it interferes with iron absorption in the body. Therefore, to increase iron absorption in the body, calcium rich foods should not be consumed along with foods that contain diet iron. Also, if you are taking supplements, calcium and iron supplements should be taken at different times a day.

Make a short distance from tea and coffee

However, it is advisable to consume a limited amount of tea and coffee. But you should never take it with your meals at all. In fact, tea and coffee contain tannins and interfere with the iron absorption present in food. So it is important that you keep a gap of a few hours between iron rich food and tea or coffee.

Use iron ware

This is also a way to increase the amount of iron in your food and thus improve iron absorption in the body with the help of your diet. For this, you try to cook your food items in an iron vessel. Doing so will include the quality of iron utensils in your diet and give you more iron.

Include non-veg food

If you are a meat eater, include non-veg food like egg, chicken and fish a part of your diet. Such food items give you hem iron and it absorbs better in the body. On the other hand, iron from veg food is classified as non-hem iron.

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