Choose the right sanitation method at the beginning of periods

Period Pain

According to a UNICEF study, over 20% of girls drop out of school due to lack of adequate hygiene information during menstruation. At the beginning of the menstruation, teenage girls need to explain the importance of hygiene so that they can avoid the problems caused by it.

In the meantime, some of the things that are being mentioned here will be of use to you:

Choose the right sanitation method

Choose sanitary pads, tampons and menstrual cups as per your convenience during periods. Make sure to adopt the same method of sanitation at once. This will help you avoid rashes and infections. The same precautions will also help in preventing toxic shock syndrome.

Talk to the right person

When periods start, girls have many things related to it in their minds. Sometimes, when the right advice is not received, the misconceptions may remain throughout life. Therefore, it is important that the mother or elder sister give her the right advice in this regard so that she avoids wandering elsewhere.

Don’t create confusion

Girls are forbidden to play or go out when there are periods in many homes. In today’s busy routine, such restrictions can hinder the development. Explain her that these seven days are not the time to reduce these activities but to remain normal.

Take special care of your cleanliness

Take a bath daily to prevent excessive bleeding and infection in periods. This helps in reducing period pain. You can also reduce this pain with mead heat therapy. It is also necessary to make girls feel normal like other days of the month. Also keep the multipurpose pouch retaining intimate kit with you so that it can be used properly, if needed.

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